Yasan Goebel
Image Unavailable
Faction Earth Federation
Title/Callsign Kamikaze
Rank Captain
Homeworld Aeris
Age 23
Born {{{Born}}}
Height 179 cm
Weight 85 kg
Frame Magellan

Captain Yasan Goebel is an Ace of the Earth Federation from the planet Aeris. He commands the 08th "Irregular" Squadron.



Tall, large build, blond hair combed back, blue eyes, tanned.

Before Mythril GaidenEdit

Joined the Federation Military five years prior, graduated from officer school only a year past, he has since served largely with the Helios Defense Force. Since joining, he has scored a record of eight kills. This resulted in his promotion to captain for the coming assault on Aeris.

Psych records note a high degree of bravado and difficulty in with authorities.


Magellen "Slayer"

  • Light (125%) (4 acts)
    • Beam Swordx2: 0,0,10,20,40,50
    • Shield: -1 Act, +40 HP when equipped

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