Ursang Selk
Faction Total Earth Union (Federation)
Title/Callsign N/A
Rank Supreme Commander
Homeworld ???, Crimea, Earth
Age 71 (Deceased)
Born ??/??/2652
Height ?
Weight ?
Frame None

"Earth is one world of ten trillion hatreds. Give the people peace, and they will fight one another. Force them to fight, and you will enforce peace among them."

-Ursang Selk's last words to Hudson Morrel, 4/19/2722

Ursang Selk was the first leader of the Total Earth Union, the predecessor to the Earth Federation. He unified the ravaged Earth and brought it together under one rule for the first time, then set the stage for the Federation with his appointment of Hudson Morrel.

Next to nothing is known about him personally or historically, except that he comes from Crimea.

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