Model Name AMF Mass Production Scout Type
Faction Centauri Commonwealth
Armor Class / Type Light Assault
Role Anti-Heavy Frame
Weapon Types Beam SMGs, Beam Rifles, Thermal, Shotguns, Blades, Rockets, Shields
Manufacturer Arcon Corp.
Ability Tilt Booster
Appearance TBW
Frame Model

One of the most iconic Frames used by the Centauri and a relatively recent edition, the Spitfire is a speedy close-range attacker often armed with dual blades or an SMG, using its specialized Tilt Booster to make risky charges and attacks in melee to cripple its opponents. Often said to be the Quicksilver's rival, and the debate over which is superior is unlikely to end any time soon.


The Spitfire first saw action in the Lamba-Conflict, where it made an impressive showing and quickly rose to be an iconic symbol of the Centauri Knights. The improved maneuvrability turned the Spitfire into the idea interceptor and anti-heavy unit capable to engaging in the dogfights and jousts which the Cent Knight so often romanticize. It's increased speed, particularly in space, soon saw it limited to a weapon of choice amongst skilled pilots. However, this only furthered the romanticized image of the frame in the public's eyes, and made it a weapon for Knights to aspire to.

It's popularity inspired numerous modifications over the course of both the Lamba-Conflict and the Three Years War. Some of these modifications have see mass production; including the Spiteful and Lionfang variants [designed for Surface and Orbital Combat respectively].

Presently however, the mainstay model is on the Mark IV. This Model which has been stabilized and built up since earlier Marks and is seen as generally more reliable than most of its predecessors.



For full details, head to the list of Centauri Weapons.



Similar to the Federation Dodge Booster on the Quicksilver, the Spitfire makes use of a high-powered engine as its special ability. While th Quicksilver uses its for maneuvering, however, the Spitfire uses its engine for offensive roles. Called the Tilt Booster, it aids the spitfire in making head-on attacks on the enemy, slamming into them with blades at the ready. It performs very differently in space and in atmosphere.

In space, the Tilt Booster allows the Frame to accelerate far faster than normal - The Frame may add three momentum per AP, instead of two. It may do this twice per turn, but this locks it out of the other application - that is, the origin of its name. If the Frame's movement next turn will end it passing by or hitting an enemy Frame, the Spitfire can both attack and increase its momentum by one for 1 AP. In addition to this, if the Frame is to hit the enemy but its attack manages to destroy them first, the Spitfire passes 'through' them without taking damage.

In atmosphere, on the other hand, the Tilt Booster allows the Frame to jump into a melee engagement from up to three squares away and attack instantly, all for 1 AP. It also may disengage for no cost, though it may still be pursued. 


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