Types of warships in the Mythril Universe used by the space navies of the various nations.

Types of ShipsEdit


Carrier: Largest ships in a fleet. Very lightly armed and armored. They carry up to 80-100 Frames.

Escort Carrier: A smaller version of a standard carrier. Carries between 25-30 Frames.

Battle Carrier: A recent development. Imagined to wield the best aspects of both an escort carrier and an cruiser. Armed much like a destroyer and able to hold 12-16 Frames. Known Ships: January-class CCS Castellan, Seraphim-class EFS Seraphim.


Cannoneer: Neither quick to turn nor quick to charge, Cannoneers are powerful ships of extreme armaments and armor, able to withstand the heaviest punishment and dish it out as well. Known Ships: Galdum-class EFS Galdum


Forward Attacker: Ships made for firing straight at the enemy, generally cylindrical to present a smaller target while bringing their guns to bear. Fast acceleration, slow to turn. Known Ships: Mallen-class EFS Mallen

Guardship: Quick-maneuvering but slow-accelerating ships with wide, flat shapes, often sporting many turrets.


Shieldguard: Specialized ships that are generally lightly armed, but carry a massive shield projector that can veil entire fleets and guard them from attacks, forcing the enemy to go around. Known Ships: Renkin-class EFS Renkin




Battleships and Carriers are divided into different armor classes, just like Frames, although their system is much more malleable than the Frames. The general progression is

Light Battleship -> Light Carrier -> Medium Battleship -> Medium Carrier -> Heavy Battleship -> Heavy Carrier -> Superheavy Battleship

Beyond that, there are more specific classifications...

  • Command Cruiser: A specialized ship, able to give bonuses to allies. Used as a command vessel, obviously. Can be nearly anything.

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