Model Name SP AMFB-Salvage
Faction Federation
Armor Class / Type Light Specialist
Role Infiltration/Sabatoge
Weapon Types SMGs, Snipers, Shotguns, Thermal, Blades
Manufacturer Amitra-Seed
Ability Stealth Fin
Appearance TBW
Frame Model

The Shark is an iconic Frame known to many Terrans and Centaurians alike, its distinctive finned shape seen in many propoganda posters as either a stealthy warrior or a brutal assassin. They are used as terror weapons, fit with extended life support to allow them to lurk for long periods of time in wrecked starships or other hiding spots as well as advanced stealth technology hidden in its 'fins'.  As such, their designs are a secret carefully guarded by Amitra-Seed.






For full details, head to the list of Federation Weapons.


The Shark's special ability is the reason for its unique design - It is a Frame designed to infiltrate and move through space almost undetectably using advanced jamming, sensor, and decoy technology located in the Frame's sizable fins. These allow it to hide from enemy sensors, though it remains physically visible - Most Sharks are painted in dark or otherwise camoflaged colors to get around this. When in cover, the Shark may activate the fin and became Stealthed - As long as it doesn't move too close to any enemy Frames it will remain this way. While nearing enemy Frames it will remain stealthed but have a chance at being detected each turn that grows worse the closer it gets. Its primary purpose is its ability to hack Frames sensors using one of its claws - this can only be done at short ranges, but if successful causes the Frame to potentially fire upon allies every time it makes an attack.


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Using FrameEdit


Notable PilotsEdit


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