Roxanne Bishop
Faction Centauri Confederacy
Title/Callsign Brazen Rocket
Player Satinel
Rank Eighth Knight
Homeworld Eden
Age 19
Born {{{Born}}}
Height 5'3"
Weight 100
Frame Firefly
Player Character

Roxanne Bishop is an 8th Special Knight of the Centauri Confederacy. She is a member of the Bannikberg Regiment and is the pilot of the prototype frame Firefly.



Roxy is short and thin with short red hair and amber eyes.

Before 'Mythril Aces'Edit

Roxanne Bishop, or "Roxy" as she is better known, is a Knight of the Centauri Confederacy. She was born on Eden. At the age of five she was transferred to Minor Dauston in the Oson System in order to attend schooling there. Roxanne was one of many students from her academy to participated in Novagauge's AMF simulation programs. Her excellent test results in the simulator seemingly caught the attention of the staff and she was included in the official tryouts to be the first pilot of the prototype frame Firefly. Managing to outscore even the trained Knights who participated, Roxy was awarded both her spot as pilot of the Firefly and the rank of Eighth Knight Special, denoting her aberrant promotion to Knight.

Mythril AcesEdit

Eager for more publicity, Novagauge leveraged to have their Firefly included at Lamia's peace conference. The non-combat demonstrations scheduled there were an ideal venue for both the untested frame and its pilot. Roxanne was assigned to the Bannikberg Regiment and given the callsign 'Brazen Rocket' denoting the excessive speeds and aggressive tactics she used during simulated engagements.


PT- 001 Firefly Transformable *Super Light (100%) (5act) *Plasma Torch: Melee: 10%, 35%, 60%: Supereffective against capital-class turrets. *Laser Rifle: Mid-long: 20%, 30%, 45% *Energy Shield: When activated, it causes a small decrease in damage% for laser weaponry, but -1 for enemy attacks. *Fighter Mode: Roxy's Frame changes into its fighter mode, giving it enhanced mobility and speed at the cost of making the plasma torch unusable. Adds the buff Stability to laser rifle attacks (+ 1 to attack rolls)