Federation Basic InfoEdit

Armor Class Type Name Role Description Ability
Light Assault Quicksilver Anti-Heavy Frame An iconic mainstay of the Federation, repurposed as a Heavy-Frame killer due to its speed and agility. Dodge Booster
Light Support Drake Electronic Support A stripped down Magellan, with less armor but added support functionality. Uses shotguns and a special weapon to mark enemy targets for tracking computers. Markerdart
Light Specialist Shark Infiltration/ Sabatoge An infamous Frame with heavy ripper blades and specialized jamming/hacking technology. Able to hack opponents' computers in close combat. Stealth Fin
Medium Assault Magellan Multirole A common early frame. Bulked up in recent years and given more advanced weaponry. Advanced Targeting OR Overcharge
Medium Support Remora Engineer/ Medic A new Frame, its mid-battle repair role became essential as the conflict began to drag out into a war of attrition. Repair Foam
Medium Specialist Genus Sniper A long-range combatant wielding specialized EMP weapons to disable opponents from a distance. EMP Generator
Heavy Assault Cobalt Anti-Ship Built off both a modification of the aging Magnetite Frame and the principles explored in the prototype Core Vent Weapon, the Cobalt is a Frame with absurd amounts of firepower protected by a shield that reduces incoming damage. Resist Shield
Heavy Support Titanius Guardian The only Frame that can carry a Shield Generator - ironically the very things Frames were built to surpass. Can also deploy Gravitational Barriers to deflect physical projectiles away from them Grav Barrier
Heavy Specialist Peacemaker Explosives/ Breaching Built to infuriate those who think that the best defense is a thicker wall. Its Leech Detonator burrows into thick armor and explodes, cracking it from within. Leech Detonator

Centauri Basic InfoEdit

Armor Class Type Name Role Description Ability


Assault Spitfire Anti-Heavy Frame Iconic, flashy, and faster than is likely safe for human survival, the Spitfire is a close-range combatant that tears larger Frames apart. Tilt Booster
Light Support Dyrnwyn Electronic Support A recent Frame from the creators of the Clarent, the Dyrnwyn is an effective counter both to electronic attacks and those who rely too much on their systems and abilities. Disrupter
Light Specialist Stalker Infiltration/Sabatoge Get out of here. Its ability to cloak itself and mask its signature makes it an incredibly useful tool for getting close to the enemy and finding the weak points. Hunter-Seeker Camouflage
Medium Assault Clarent Multirole Noble, graceful, and spewing laser death beams. The Clarent is effective both against light frames and heavies. Extended Ammo OR Insulated Weapon Barrels
Medium Support Aegis Engineer/Medic Built using technology 'Appropriated' from the Niot. Uses specialized nanomachines to repair allied armor over time. Reconstructors
Medium Specialist Niot Sniper Nanomachines, son. When a plasma bolt doesn't do the job, the Niot can supply something better, eating enemy Frames and ships from the inside. Nano-Uplink
Heavy Assault Albatross Anti-Ship Given its spectacular service in campaigns during the last conflict, the Albatross was quickly pushed into service to replace the aging Invoke. Armed with a ludicrously sized cannon, you really don't want to be in its firing path. CIWS Laser System
Heavy Support Hive Guardian While initially a prototype for a weapons platform, the drones of the Hive found new life with the advent of Frame-sized Shield Generators - The Drones are now fitted with powerful shields to allow them to essentially form mobile cover. In space. Shield Drones
Heavy Specialist Invoke Explosives/Breaching Alas, poor Invoke. We knew them. The former heavy sniper / Assault Frame has been relegated to a specialist role after its somewhat outdated design began to show its age. Outfitted with specialized breaching explosives, however, it still has a role to play. Plasburner Charge

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