Model Name CEAMF Remora
Faction Federation
Armor Class / Type Medium Support
Role Medic/Engineer
Weapon Types Pistols, Rifles, Shotguns, Thermal, Shields
Manufacturer Amitra-Seed
Ability Repair Foam
Appearance TBW
Frame Model

Initially it was expected that Frames would be killed extremely quickly in combat, as their missions often bordered on suicidal - Attacking battleships head-on? Insane! It came as a surprise when they proved far more effective than anticipated, but there were still a number of casualties - particularly to mid-battle disablement due to damage. The Remora was created to provide emergency repairs to damaged Frames, hopefully keeping casualties lower.





For full details, head to the list of Federation Weapons.

The Remora is, first and foremost, a combat medic. But giant mecha combat medics, unlike the normal kind, don't have to go unarmed. It may use pistols (Both light and medium weight), assault rifles, rifles, shotguns, thermal weapons and physical shields - Although given that they must hold their repair tool in one slot, carrying a shield means that the Remora will be quite the dedicated support unit.


The Remora carries, alongside its weapon, a tool for the application of Repair Foam. This specialized metallic concrete allows the Remora to repair damaged armor of both allied Frames and starships, temporarily adding on hit points where some have been lost. However, this cannot take them over their original health, and more importantly the healed HP will begin to degrade again in several turns - The foam is only a temporary fix, after all. But in the heat of combat that boost of armor can mean the difference between a scratched paintjob and a burning wreck. Upgrades may eventually be produced for improving armor resistance or increasing it past its normal thresholds in the future...


Versus FrameEdit


Using FrameEdit


Notable PilotsEdit


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