Model Name AMF NI-07 Niot
Faction Centauri Commonwealth
Armor Class / Type Medium Specialist
Role Sniper
Weapon Types Pistols, Snipers
Manufacturer Nanofuture Corporation
Ability Nano-Uplink
Appearance TBW
Frame Model

Nanomachines have long been used in production and medical fields, but it was only surprisingly recently that they were adapted for combat. Laws of war prohibit their use on infantry as a war crime, but against Frames they are completely legal! This may be immoral, but the effect is too great to deny.





For full details, head to the list of Centauri Weapons.



The Niot can carry specialized nanomachine canister shots to be fired from their sniper rifles. These shots, if a successful hit is struck, will 'infect' the enemy with a swarm of nanomachines that quickly set about disassembling the Frame, chewing away at its armor over time before their ambient heat kills them all off in a few turns. They can also be directed to attack the enemy's sensors, blinding them temporarily.

Niots can also release a cloud of nanomachines in an area around them for 3 AP - this consumes their turn, but will infect any Frames, allied or enemy, that are too close.


Versus FrameEdit


Using FrameEdit


Notable PilotsEdit


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