Mythril Aces: The TV Series is a project that will in all likelihood never see the light of day in its intended form. It is the television production based on the Mythril Aces Main RP. The series chronicles the adventures of the Earth Federation's 195th Aces Squadron and the Centauri Confederacy's Bannikberg Regiment as they oppose each other's nations during the Centauri-Federation War. As time goes on several incidents reveal that the conflict is more a territorial dispute as a third faction has surfaced, manipulating events for their own mysterious gain. The series streamlines the game into a watchable and coherent nature in the form of 30 minute episodes.

Theme SongEdit

The Opening theme song was written by Wryte, a player of the Mythril Aces Main RP.

Tonight I'm firing the blackened sky
Blazing the past as I burn the future into being
Allies and enemies, watching them both die
As I spiral crazily without truly seeing
How long can I keep this going for?
Encased in this heart of steel I live or die
My being balanced on the edge of a razor
Is this my real enemy that I'm fighting tonight?
Dancing a path of fire across stars far from home
I can feel my metal feet moving across the stage
Encased in this heart of steel I fear I'm alone
Until I feel the beat of another's trepidation and rage
Ally or enemy? I don't even care
I'll throw my allegiance to the curb just to see you
Will you answer my feelings, or do I not dare?
Tonight our souls are entwined for even an hour
Let's leave this place a little better than we were
You and I will go in peace, far from this hell
Let's meet again in better a circumstance without fear


Mythril Aces Episode One

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