Morgan Archer Saber
Faction Centauri Confederacy
Title/Callsign Future Knight
Rank Grand Lord
Homeworld Fuyuki
Age 28
Born August 1, 2970
Height 5'6"
Weight 113
Frame Excalibur, Carnwennan variant

Morgan Archer Saber is a Grand Lord of the Centauri Confederacy. She is the adopted daughter of Grand Lord Sir Kurou Archer and elder sister of Corporal Sayoko Archer. Saber was born on a Earth Federation world but was found as an orphan by Kurou Archer and taken in as his own child.



Morgan Archer was born on the small Federation border world of Camelot. When it was invaded by Centauri forces, her birth parents were killed in a resulting fire. The infant Morgan was discovered by Sir Kurou Archer with the advancing Centauri forces and taken in. Procedure called for the child to be sent to the rear for processing and eventual return to Federation space, but a counterattack cut off Archer's unit from the rest of the Centauri military and forced him to carry the young Morgan with him while they attempted to reach safety. By this time, Sir Archer had grown fond of the child and obtained permission to adopt her as his own.

Mythril AcesEdit

Saber heads a counter-conspiracy group that suspects Grand Lord of the Fleet Ignis Chevalier of planning to seize power.


Like all the Grand Lords, Morgan Saber's name is a homage to Fate/Stay Night. She is named after the Servant, Saber.