Former captain of the Federation starship, Seraphim.



    • 1 x Burst railgun, longer range, more powerful, rather than pure rapid-fire, it instead fires in 3-5 shot bursts, with a larger cooldown time, hand carried.
    • 1 x "Panzer X" combat knife, the same one he used in his ambush. Smaller than standard issue blades, not meant for extended swordfights.
    • 4 x grenade lauchers, mounted in the arms and upper legs, used for lauching his trademark smoke grenades and flashbangs
  • Upgrades/Customization: Powerful ECM, making it difficult to detect through non-optical sensors. The shoulder cannons and some of the armor was removed and replaced by additional verniers, in order to increase mobility. Also, the main camera has a high-performance light screen, which blocks extra light, so he doesn't get blinded by his own grenades. Is painted black, since space is black.