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Model Name XM-10b Magellan
Faction Federation
Armor Class / Type Medium Assault
Role Multirole
Weapon Types Pistols, Rifles, Thermal, Railguns, Blades, Rockets, Missiles, Shields
Manufacturer Kho Jakarta Manufacturing
Ability Advanced Targeting OR Overcharge
Appearance TBW
Frame Model

Long the most common Frame in the Federation's arsenal, the latest production models of the Magellan are at a much larger size and armor level, scaled up for use as an Anti-Frame role and wielding a much larger array of weaponry.






For full details, head to the list of Federation Weapons.

The Magellan's primary purpose is the destruction of enemy Frames, in particular Light Frames, and as such it has a wide selection of weapons to choose from. In particular, it's the only Federation Frame that may use missiles - similar to rockets, but guided and will pursue their target. Light Frames beware - you can't run and gun nearly as easily against a missile.


Currently the Magellan has a choice of two abilities - The Advanced Targeting module, which gives it bonus accuracy when it uses the Aim ability, or the Overcharge module, which allows it, for 1 AP, to double the power of its next Railgun or Thermal Rifle shot.


Versus FrameEdit


Using FrameEdit


Notable PilotsEdit


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