Loam Heartfield
Faction Terran
Title/Callsign Dirty Monkey / First Ace
Rank Retired, former Commander
Homeworld Lamia
Age 126
Born {{{Born}}}
Height 5'5"
Weight CBA
Frame Magnetite

"Kids these days..."

Loam Heartfield is the only publicly surviving member of the First Aces squadron, the only other (Yurgus Meyers) having gone into seclusion. An old man even before becoming a pilot, his appearance suggests that of a shriveled brown monkey; hence his callsign. Officially retired, he still turns up for the occasional ceremony or party, obstensively for the free food.


Loam Heartfield (along with his son, Wrynn) were among those on Lamia chosen to be pilots for the prototype AMFs developed by the Federation.

Currently, he works as a repairman on Lamia, waiting for the day his angel comes back for him- Whatever that means.