Kuan Kung
Title The Forge of the Federation
Motto Steel and Gold
Demonym Kuanite
Allegiance Sol Federation
Capital Aegis Low-Orbit Station
Largest City New Hong Kong
Governing Official Roberto Belladonna
Population 439,000,000

Kuan Kung is easily the most populous and powerful planet in the Vega System. It is heavily regulated by the corporations present in the system, although the degree has faded recently. In particular, the traditional powers, the Metallurgy Corp, Square Vivendi, and Lovesant, are in command, but recent upstart Fenris Technologies has made significant gains as well.

Geography and GeologyEdit

Kuan Kung has two continents, large landmasses that take up most of the planet: the northern continent of Plutus and the Southern continent of Yang-Quan. During the terraforming, a curious absence of large amounts of hydrogen left the seas rather shallow and small, only 53% of the planet is covered in water and most of it is only a hundred or so meters deep.

Kuan Kung is marked by somewhat unstable geologic and tectonic activity due to cut corners during the terraformation process. As a result, earthquakes are extremely common, often several per day, and volcanic activity is frequent as well. Settlements have adapted to these hazards with stricter building standards and magma-cooling technologies.

Population DetailsEdit

With a population of over 400 million, Kuan Kung is quite a thriving planet for such a recently colonized world. Most of the population are employed by the corporations, either for mining, manufacturing, or oversight. The vast majority of these workers live in the five mega cities that dot the continents.

The most thriving of these is New Hong Kong, built atop a magma vent. The towering forests of skyscrapers house industry, commerce, and residential areas while thousands of meters below, the sub-levels of the city constantly pulse and hum with mining and magma.

Ethnically, the people of Kuan Kung are in large part of Chinese, European, and Texan descent.


Mining, manufacturing, and management are the three M's of Kuan Kung's economy. Most mining and manufacturing is now mechanical, done by robotics and remote users, but the sheer scale of these industries requires vast amounts of personnel to keep running.


A mere eighty years of colonization has not provided too distinct a culture for the people of Kuan Kung, but there are many distinct traditions and values held by most Kuanites. A strong work ethic is very present, with most work days being over nine Earth hours long, and yet in reaction to this, a strong "work hard, party hard" atmosphere has developed as well. The legacy of corporate control can be felt through the cutthroat business philosophy followed by almost all residents.

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