Kiera Vulp
Faction Earth Federation
Title/Callsign Foxfire
Player Dragon 573
Rank Ensign
Homeworld Earth
Age 25
Born {{{Born}}}
Height ????
Weight ????
Frame Black Drgaon
Player Character

Kiera Vulp is an Ace of the Earth Federation and a member of the 08th Squadron. She is currently on duty on the planet Aeris.



Kiera has white hair and mismatched eyes behind a pair of glasses. She was formally a lawyer.


Kiera joined the 08th Squadron along with Kara Cheslock and Philip Sheridan.


Black Dragon

Height: 14m Armor Grade: Light Class


  • 2x Beam "Wristblades", functionally, identical to a beam saber, but with a shorter reach, one on each wrist.
  • Long range high penetration rifle
  • EMP Pulse Grenade

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