Kara Cheslock
Faction Earth Federation
Title/Callsign Echo
Player GIG
Rank Ensign
Homeworld Earth
Age 22
Born {{{Born}}}
Height 5' 4"
Weight Undisclosed
Frame Modified Quicksliver (Grand Sword)
Player Character

Kara Cheslock is a Player Character from Aeris Gaiden. A pilot of the 08th Squadron, Flight B, she seeks to make a name for herself on the battlefields of Aeris. She pilots a Quicksilver



Before Aeris GaidenEdit


Kara joined the 08th Squadron along with Kiera Vulp and Philip Sheridan, under the command of Yasan Goebel. She was shot down and was held in Centauri custody for a day before being exchanged.



Grand Sword, Modified Basis Frame 'Quicksilver'

  • Medium Weight: 150%, 3 acts.
  • Model SCP Railgun: 0, 0, 0, 10, 45, 65.
  • Sniper [ +1 vs. Stationary Targets, -1 At Close Range.]
  • Physical Sword: 0, 0, 0, 30, 40, 50
  • RATO Pods: Once per round, you may expend an AP to travel twice your typical speed..

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