Jay Ibarra
Faction Earth Federation
Title/Callsign Knell
Player Hydrall
Rank Lieutenant
Homeworld Nal Daime
Age 27
Born ????
Height ????
Weight ????
Frame Quicksilver Varient "Knell"
Player Character

Lieutenant Jay Ibarra is an Ace of the Earth Federation and a member of the 195th Aces Squadron. He is from the world of Dal Daime. He is a former member of SICanD and wears tinted glasses due to a vision problem caused by Mythril Sickness.



Ibarra comes from Nal Daime, in the Grenadine System. He is a mostly clean shaven man, with a slight goatee on his chin. He sports a pair of dark glasses to protect his eyes from problem caused by prolonged Mythril Sickness, staining his sclera a vague blue (which is usually unnoticable). His hair was once brown, but long periods of time in less-than-well-shielded starships have slowly colored it white.

Before Mythril AcesEdit

Ibarra was, at one point, a member of the State Information Control and Dispersal group, known as SICanD. Working as an internal affairs agent, he had to learn quickly how to deal with traitors, spies and saboteurs, as well as the normal kind of corruption and skulduggery that goes on in even the best run of governments. However, by this point he's left that business and gone into the military, hoping to use a few years of service to begin a political career.


Frame Model: Quicksilver Varient "Knell"

Appearance: A conventional Quicksilver, painted a green with reddish joints. Has the sigil of a bell painted on it.


  • 1x Laser Rifle
  • 1x Physical Blade
  • 1x Missile Launcher
  • Radar Scanner and Jammer.

Upgrades/Customization: Besides the weapons, its sensors have been upgraded to allow for more detection and battlefield awareness


Hydrall, Jay's player, was practically forced to make him after endless prodding by the other writers of the Mythril Aces game since the Federation story line kept slowing down and was constantly falling behind the Centauri.