Issac Alesci
Faction Centauri Confederacy
Title/Callsign Pale Specter
Player darksidevoid
Rank ????
Homeworld Harbor's Light
Age 24
Born {{{Born}}}
Height 5'10"
Weight ????
Frame Erebus
Player Character

Issac Alesci is a Knight of the Centauri Confederacy and Praetorian Guardsman from the Harbor's Light. He is currently assigned to the Bannikberg Regiment.



Issac is pale white, with light brown hair. Lean, and moderately muscled. His right eye is blue, but his original left eye was destroyed during a mission several years ago and replaced with a cybernetic one which, save for the iris's bright orange color, looks almost exactly like a normal eyeball. Tends to wear sunglasses constantly in order to hide the mis-matched eyes that he's found are unsettling to most.

Before Mythril AcesEdit

Issac took off for the military at the first chance he could get, growing distant from his family in the process. Recognized for his above-average skill in covert operations, he was offered a job in clandestine intelligence upon graduation from the academy, and jumped at the opportunity. He's been running classified missions for the Praetorian Guard ever since.