Model Name AMF DW-24F Hive
Faction Centauri Commonwealth
Armor Class / Type Heavy Support
Role Guard
Weapon Types Machineguns, Thermal, Plasma Guns, Shields, Shield Projectors
Manufacturer FTC Corporation
Ability Shield Drones
Appearance TBW
Frame Model

Initially created as a Frame for offensive support using its drones, it found itself far too expensive and intricate for mass production - aside from a few impressive exceptions, the Hive was generally considered mediocre. The advent of Frame-sized shield projectors has given the Hive new life as a defensive unit instead, its drones equipped with shield projectors and used to cover allies and a wider area with protection.


Initially seen as expensive and inefficient, lacking the direct damage of assault frames and requiring a great deal more attention and effort to pilot, the Hive saw its hayday in the the Midgard conflict. Here, they were refitted to operate under a mobile turret doctrine that saw Cent forces taking advantage of the slow moving war of attrition with a doctrine of overwhelming force. To fill this purpose, the Legion-Model Hives were developed, relying on an array of missles that could decimate enemy forces and defences in an instant in strategic locations. With support from Spiteful-Model Spitfires, they proved a force to be reckonned with; able to target and decimate strategic targets in moments, with Spitefuls sent to mop up the remains and defend against any countermeasures.

However, as attrition wore on, the downsides of this doctrine soon became apparent. Legion's lack of flexibility in combat and heavy reliance on an abuntant source of munitions, saw most Legions reduced to sub-par frames in extended encounters, attempting to deploy the newly developed shield technology to account for their lack of maneuvreability and limited munition.

As a result, newer Hive Models were readjusted to make the Drones require less attention while switching away from the missle heavy Legion model in favour of heavy shielding and more sustainable weaponry. The Hive Liberabatur-Model (Marius) which is now Standard has sought to resolve these issues by focusing on the defensive potential of the Hive and their strong synergy with shielding drones and to allow them to serve more as long term defensive models which are better able to survive battles of attrition.



For full details, head to the list of Centauri Weapons.

The Hive may only carry one weapon - its other slot is taken up by a Shield Projector, which allows it to produce Full Cover in front of itself and to either side.


What once were fairly expensive and complex combat drones are now utilitarian guardians - the ammo storage space now filled with a small shield projector. The Hive may deploy up to two Shield Drones, each one moving independantly of the Frame. These project a somewhat weak shield directly ahead of themselves, providing Dedicated Cover for allies frames behind it - they include firing slits for allies.


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