"Make me a traitor? I doubt it. I've seen the Federation's Dental."

Hector Bouchard
Faction Centauri Confederacy
Title/Callsign Reluctant Cannon Fodder
Player Fauxlosophe
Rank Lieutenant
Homeworld Eden
Age 37
Born {{{Born}}}
Height 5'11
Weight 165
Frame Clarent
Player Character

Hector Bouchard is an officer in the navy of the Centauri Confederacy. What he does is a mystery.

Physical DescriptionEdit

Hazel eyes, greying brown hair, long face.


Before Mythril AcesEdit

Born in the Nova Galli province of Eden, he joined the military at the age of twenty. By twenty four, he had been promoted to lieutenant. For ten years he eagerly awaited the promotion to captain but it never came. Eventually he turned to the drink and finally ceased caring. 



  • Clarent (150%) Med class
  • Beam Rifle: mid-ranged: 20%, 30%, 45%
  • Blade: melee: 15%, 30%, 45%
  • Energy Shield:???