Gabriel Allistar (de) Leon
Faction Centauri Confederacy
Title/Callsign Steel Phoenix
Player rabbitRider
Rank 8th Knight
Homeworld Ephraim
Age 19
Born August 27, 2979
Height 5'9
Weight ????
Frame Gladiator
Player Character


Gabriel Allistar Leon was born on the world of Ephraim, in the Natsumi System, around 2979. The illegitimate and unknowing son of the planet's Archduke, Julius Leon, Gabe grew up with a minor noble family loyal to his father, where he learned history, fencing, and the other skills all nobility needed, not knowing his father as anyone other than "Uncle Julius". That is, until an unknown media leak released his identity to the planet around his fifteenth birthday.

Fearing for his position, Lord Leon cut off all contact with his son, and instructed Gabriel's foster family to send him to a military academy on Eden while he sorted out the scandal.

Three and a half years later, Gabriel returned to Ephraim, to find his father still firmly in place and discovered, with much surprise, that he had been legally removed from the Leon family, and the nobility as a whole. He attempted to contact some of the family members he knew, who didn't respond. Gabe was, officially, a commoner.

Despite still having a place with his foster family, Ephraim's strong emphasis on blood relations led to Gabriel to vow to earn a place within his family. Refused a traditional family sword, which a Leon son usually recieved upon entering the military, Gabriel forged his own, and joined the Knights, vowing to earn enough glory to gain recognition from his family. He was soon assigned to the Bannikberg Regiment after his first months of combat on Ascalon.