The first AMF unit organized by the Federation, piloting a handful of prototype Frames.


There were ten members of the squadron, of whom only two survived unharmed, the other two survivors comatose from wounds sustained during battle.

  • Loam Heartfield, piloting a prototype Titanius.
  • Wrynn Heartfield and Melti Saub, piloting an Amitra Dipilot
  • Braxton Forumer, piloting a prototype Quicksilver.
  • Pheno and Tipe Geni, piloting an Amitra Dipilot.
  • Yari Violet, piloting a prototype Titanius.
  • Han Soon, piloting a Magellan.
  • Yurgus Meyers, piloting a Magellan.
  • Derek Ilix, piloting a Magellan.
  • Sasko Naetaman, piloting a Lovesant Piecer.

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