Title The New World
Motto Revelation 21:1
Demonym Edenite
Allegiance Centauri Confederacy
Capital Motyigrad
Largest City Nova Roma
Governing Official Benjamin Navtaba
Population 4,600,000,000

Eden is a world in the binary star system of Centauri. It is the capital world of the Centauri Commonwealth (ReUnion), the Capital of the Centauri Province, and the oldest colonized world outside the Sol System. It is the second most populated planet in the Confederacy.

Eden is where the federal headquaters of all Confederacy government braches are located. It is noted for its near millenia old structures including churches, castles, and other structures.


Eden is the only inhabited planet in the Centauri System.


Eden derives its name from the biblical book of Genesis, where God plants the Garden of Eden to supply the needs of the first humans, Adam and Eve.

Notable EdenitesEdit

Roxanne Bishop

Hector Bouchard