Model Name XM-11 Drake
Faction Earth Federation
Armor Class / Type Light Support
Role Electronic Support
Weapon Types SMGs, Rifles, Shotguns, Thermal
Manufacturer Kho Jakarta Manufacturing
Ability Marketdart
Appearance TBW
Frame Model

The Drake (named after Sir Fancis Drake) is a variant of the popular Magellan Frame designed as a frontline electronic support mech. Stripped of some armor to provide mobility and space for its specialized equipment, the Drake is nevertheless still an effective combatant at close range with shotguns.


Designed during the Three-Years-War as an anwser to the Stalker and other Centauri stealth technology, the Drake was not completed in time to be fielded until the final months of the war. Even then, only scattered proto-types reached the front before the War was concluded. Further models were fielded by the Cossacks, where were found to be highly useful in countering Cent ambushes. It has also proven successful against Pirate groups attempting the same, making it popular amongst Peacekeeper forces.

However, due to both this popularity with the Peacekeepers and it's nature as a relatively untested frame [and further one that operates in the capacity as a defensive countermeasure], the Drake has proven largely unpopular amongst Aces, in particular veterans.



For full details, head to the list of Federation Weapons.

While a support Frame first, the Drake can carry a number of weapons - particularly, it is a user of high-power shotguns. It generally carries a single weapon and its markerdarts, although some opt to carry a shield instead - a truely dedicated support. In particular it is able to wield SMGs, Rifles, Shotguns and Thermal Rifles, along with shields. It may only carry a single weapon, however, as its other slot is taken up by a tool item - see the weapons page for details.


The Drake makes use of a specialized 'weapon' known as the Markerdart - this fires a steel-tipped projectile that embeds itself in the target and broadcasts signals for all allies, directing them towards the enemy and granting a bonus to their accuracy towards it. This also does a (very small) amount of damage. The markerdart has unlimited ammo, effectively.


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