Model Name GG-12b Cobalt
Faction Earth Federation
Armor Class / Type Heavy
Role Anti-Ship Frame
Weapon Types Machineguns, Cannons, Thermal, Railguns, Blades, Rockets
Manufacturer Metallurgy
Ability Resist Shield
Appearance TBW
Frame Model

Built off both a modification of the aging Magnetite Frame and the principles explored in the prototype Core Vent Weapon, the Cobalt is a Frame with absurd amounts of firepower protected by a shield that reduces incoming damage.


A relative newcomer to Federation Arsenal, it first saw combat in the Midgard conflict in 3997. It was originally developed as an anwser to the Legion Model Hives in the Midgar conflict, the Cobalt packs a major punch and has a great deal of flexibility which its rival lacks. This led to it eventually functioning as the Federation's primary planetary Heavy Frame during this attack. Some models were also sent to the Cossacks in order to test their viability in other fields, results here were more mixed but generally positive

During peacetime, the concerns that arose in the Archangelsk theatre have been addressed by shift froom the mobile turret design and towards a more streamlined Frame design, for both ground, air and spacial combat. The Cobalt now serves a more generalized role as the Federation's go-to Mech for Heavy Assault Support; specializing in Bunker Busting, Formation Dispersial and Ship-Assaults.




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The Cobalt's ability is the use of a Resist Shield - This shield passively reduces incoming damage for two turns, after which it must charge again for one turn. However, it does not affect melee attacks.


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