Model Name AMP MPA-01 Clarent
Faction Centauri Commonwealth
Armor Class / Type Medium Assualt
Role Multirole
Weapon Types Pistols, Rifles, Thermal, Plasma Guns, Blades, Rockets, Missiles, Shields
Manufacturer Arcon Corporation
Ability Extended Ammo / Insulated Weapons Barrels
Appearance TBW
Frame Model

The mass-production version of the prototype Excalibur, the Clarent is a reliable, graceful Frame known for its utility in a variety of roles.


One of the older mainstays of the Centauri Commonwealth, the Clarent has been upgraded and modded through various forms for over fourty years now. The reason that this frame has managed to stay in production so long is due to its highly customizable nature, allowing older frames to be easily retro-fitted and minimal adjustments. The contemporary Clarent has little in common with its proto-type Excalibur save the general chasis and layout, both of which have even undergone some minor adjustments.

Because of this customizability and realiability, the Clarent is somewhat disregarded and seen as bland in Centauri military culture and even Centauri popular media as a whole. In spite of this, it remains the primary workhorse of the Centauri military, a common frame for Squires and Yeoman pilots. Many Knights who have trained with it retain the frame, swearing on its reliability and adaptability in spite of its rather lacklustre reputation.



For full details, head to the list of Centauri Weapons.



The Clarent, fitting its multirole purpose, is equipped with one of two possible abilities that may be switched between missions. The first is the Extended Ammunition ability, which increases the clip sizes of its equipped weapons - making more efficient use of beam particles and plasma, as well as smaller missiles. The other is Insulated Weapon Barrels, allowing their weapons to do consistantly higher damage at the cost of a slightly smaller clip. This only has an effect on weapons that didn't expend their entire clip to begin with, however, and does nothing for missiles.


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