Calvin Summer
Faction Federation
Title/Callsign Foxtrot
Player rabbit Rider
Rank Ensign
Homeworld Earth
Age 19
Born July 7, 2979
Height 5'10
Weight 132 lbs.
Frame GG 12-b "Cobalt"
Player Character

"Hey didn't you order me this? Hypocrite! Oh, wait... Was it you who ordered it? No, wait... it was... it was... Shang! Shang ordered me this, I remember now! Sorry, about that Phil."

Ensign Calvin Ji-hun Summer, callsign Foxtrot, is an Ace of the Earth Federation is a member of the 08 Squadron after being rescued from a Centaurian detention center in Midgar. He pilots for the thrill and rush of battle, although he is unprepared for the true nature of war.


Calvin was born in Seoul, Earth to a pair of wealthy CEO's. In this life of luxury, he soon became a relentless skirt-chaser and womanizer, and developed a very laid back personality without any real hardships. He developed a love of video games, both old and modern, which would later help him in the Ace program.

He often clashed with his parents, and refused to go to business school as they insisted. On a whim, he joined the military, mostly to spite his parents. To his surprise, he found the danger and thrill of battle addicting, and, with the help of his well-developed video game skills, made it into the Ace program.

Calvin was assigned directly to combat, mainly due to an error in paperwork. His first and only posting was Aeris, under Commander Fine. He fought there for several months before receiving his Cobalt-class Frame, mainly because they wanted to test it on the least important Ace. He performed surprisingly well, before being captured in the aftermath of the Winter Solstice Assault.


Heavy Assault Frame model GG-12b "Cobalt"

  • Kinetic Rapidfire Assault Grenadelauncher [KRAG]: 0, 25, 35, 40, 45, 50.
  • Rapidfire: May fire twice per action at the cost of -2 accuracy.
  • Particle Rifle: 0, 0, 15, 25, 35, 45.
  • EMP Grenade: Throw to deactivate Local Cent Drone Technology Temporarily. [May hit 1d6 targets]