An Armored Mobile Frame, also known as a Frame or AMF, is the primary weapon of the Mythril Universe. They are piloted vehicles often of humanoid structure, though variation exists. They are powered by Mythril.

Invention and First ContactEdit

AMFs were first created by the Centauri Confederacy, who used them to devastating effect during the first battles against the unprepared Federation. While the Federations' Fighters were powerful enough, they couldn't match the Centauri Frames in maneuverability or adaptibility, and so found themselves outclassed.

Federation Reverse-EngineeringEdit

The Federation was able to acquire the wreckage of several AMFs, and gave them to the companies Metallurgy, Lovesant, and Amitra-Seed. Their considerable resources reproduced several of their own. These prototypes and their pilots were sent to Lamia for a test run, and were subsequently involved in the First Battle of Lamia. The First Aces unit consisted of:

  • Loam Heartfield
  • Wrynn Heartfield (Comatose)
  • Melti Saub (MIA, presumed dead)
  • Braxton Forumer (KIA)
  • Pheno (KIA) and Tipe Geni (Comatose)
  • Yari Violet (KIA)
  • Han Soon (MIA)
  • Yurgus Meyers
  • Derek Ilix (KIA)
  • Sasko Naetaman (Defected, KIA)

Despite the battle being a devastating loss for the Federation (Out of a hundred-ship fleet, ten remained), the First Aces' first combat operations were considered a success, and the Frames were put into mass production almost immediately.

Current UseEdit

Frames remain the go-to weapon for both the Centauri and Federation military, as well as the various small forces littering the galaxy such as Song-Tseng while other independent factions such as the Barnard Pirates and Shahalan Empire both have/are trying to acquire AMF technology.

Models of FramesEdit