Model Name AMF NI-53
Faction Centauri Commonwealth
Armor Class / Type Medium Support
Role Engineer/Medic
Weapon Types Pistols, Rifles, Shotguns, Thermal, Shields
Manufacturer Nanofuture Corporation (Partnership with Arcon)
Ability Reconstructors
Appearance TBW
Frame Model

Building off the success of the Niot, the Nanofuture corporation worked with Arcon in the production of their next Frame - the Aegis. Utilizing the Clarent's chassis as a base, the Aegis is a combat medic whose reconstructor nanites mean that it can heal allies even as they take damage, if at a slow pace.





For full details, head to the list of Centauri Weapons.



The Aegis makes use of Reconstructor Nanomachines, which are deployed on an ally's Frame to heal their damage. However, to avoid the nanomachines creating enough heat to melt tungsten, the process is fairly slow, taking several turns to complete; This has upsides and downsides, as it means that, while the heaing is greater overall, it's possible the frame will be destroyed before they heal enough. At the same time, though, if the enemy is doing only small amouns of damage the steady healing might be well worth it.


Versus FrameEdit


Using FrameEdit


Notable PilotsEdit


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