Before its conversion to a democracy along with the rest of the Confederacy, Ossetia was ruled by eight noble houses, who would vote on which among them would become the next Archduke of Ossetia. Over time, three new houses sprang up, and one split in two. These houses still exist, but the power they hold now is purely ceremonial. Each house has its own official color, status (as either an Original House, Legacy House, or New House) surnames, and succession preference (male or female, indicating which gender is selected by default to succeed the current Head should they die unexpectedly) and Noble Head.

The Bannikberg House

  • Color: Black

  • Original Ethnicity: Austrian

  • Status: Legacy (to Banniker House)
  • Surnames: Bannikberg, Bannistad, Bernkerk, Berrickbirg
  • Succession Preference: Male
  • Head: Maximilen venne Bannikberg

The Bizekbirg House

  • Color: White
  • Original Ethnicity: Austrian
  • Status: Legacy (to Banniker House)
  • Surnames: Bizekbirg, BIzekberg
  • Succession Preference: Female
  • Head: Hektor-Viktor vai Bizekbirg

The Georgevick House

  • Color: Scarlet
  • Original Ethnicity: Russian
  • Status: Original
  • Surnames: Georgivich, Georgivick, Segeorgi
  • Succession Preference: Female
  • Head: Katherine vai Georgevick

The d' Hood House

  • Color: Dark Purple
  • Original Ethnicity: Mixed French and Japanese
  • Status: New
  • Surnames: d' Hood, Sehood, Hoodes, di Hooede, Sidehooede
  • Succession Preference: Female
  • Head: Roberta d' Hood-Sidehooede

The Omandi House

  • Color: Dark Green
  • Original Ethnicity: Lou Kenyan
  • Status: Original
  • Surnames: Omandi, Shengomandi, Omandiesh, Diomandi
  • Sucession Preference: Male
  • Head: Lawrence Shengomandi

The Nakamurian House

  • Color: Gold
  • Original Ethnicity: Japanese (thought to be Osakan)
  • Status: Original
  • Surnames: Nakamurian, Denakamura, Nakamura, Nakamurashen
  • Sucession Preference: Male
  • Head: Kenshiro vai Nakamurashen

The Takahases House

  • Color: Silver/Grey
  • Original Ethnicity: Mixed Japanese, Vietnamese, and German
  • Status: New
  • Surnames: Takahases, Setakahashi, Takahasheng, Sheng-Takahasheng, Takahashi
  • Sucession Preference: Male
  • Head: Hideo Takahasheng

The Lamarzekes House

  • Color: Sky Blue
  • Original Ethnicity: Mixed Polish, Czech, and Russian
  • Status: New
  • Surnames: Lamarzekes, Lamarzekesheng, Selamark, Marzekes-Lashang
  • Sucession Preference: Female
  • Head: Karol Selamark

The Ghebes House

  • Color: Pink
  • Original Ethnicity: Unknown, possibly Bedouin or North African
  • Status: Original
  • Surnames: Ghebes, Gahobis, Ghebeses, Seghebes, ShengGhebes
  • Sucession Preference: Male
  • Head: Arthur vai Gahobis

The Dennstad House

  • Color: Orange
  • Original Ethnicity: Dutch
  • Status: Original
  • Surnames: Dennstad, Dennstades, Singdenn, Dennsing, Dennsingstad
  • Sucession Preference: Female
  • Head: Caroline Singdenn

The Ülmenster House

  • Color: Dark Blue
  • Original Ethnicity: German
  • Status: Original
  • Surnames: Ülmenster, Ulmensteres, Shengulmen, Singulmen, Ulmenseng
  • Head: Urich venne Shengülmen

The Orodrick House

  • Color: Spring Green
  • Original Ethnicity: Irish
  • Status: Original. Official representatives of Berzegette
  • Surnames: Orodrick, Orodrices, Sheorodrick
  • Sucession Preference: Male
  • Head: Morgan verr Orodrick

In addition to the above, there was also the original Banniker House, which, due to a violent intrafamily dispute, split into the current Bannikberg and Bizekbirg Houses.